The Photographer
Snow and Ice

Seneca Rocks

I haven't a clue of the geology of Seneca Rocks - but there's a National Park(?) Vistitor Center there that can explain it to you.  All I know is that they are spectacular.  I do remember the US Armed Forces used these for rock climbing training during WW II. 

Here's a view from the top.  No, I didn't scale the cliff face, I went up the back way.  That's still a rough hike but certainly easier than the other way.  Now, however, they take you up a different route.  They don't let you go up this high anymore.  The new trail goes up the side and terminates at an overlook.  Still, it's a great view from up there. 

Here's a photo of my wife, Barb.  This was taken a few years back.  Notice how environmentally responsible she was by picking up that beer can someone dropped?  Again, you can see the beautiful views from up near the top.

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