The Photographer
Snow and Ice

Dolly Sods Area

Bear Rocks - a favorite destination at Dolly Sods.  It has a fantastic overlook plus lots of rocks to play on.  If you hike a few miles you might run across these incredible cairns.  I've done a lot of hiking but I've never seen anything quite like this.

There's no place like Dolly Sods anywhere east of the Mississippi.  In fact, maybe no where.  At one point I could tell you it's history but now that memory is gone.  (What's the second thing to go?)  I do know that fires burned there for years.   Today part of Dolly Sods is almost like a plains area.  It has a variety of rocks and vegetation - lot's of cranberry bogs.  I think that's what the red in this photo is .... cranberry plants.

This is Bear Rocks again.  This is a kid's (and kids at heart) playground.  Lot's of rocks, a great view - great fun.  You got to be careful - but it's a lot of fun.

This photo shows some nice color on this tree by a stream.  This view is by a road on the way to Dolly Sods from Canaan valley.

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