The Photographer
Snow and Ice

Canaan Valley Area

This first shot is from the top of "Bald Knob", near the Canaan Valley Ski Resort.  You can either hike up and down or ride the ski lift up and down or combinations thereof.... any way you get there - the view is gorgeous.

The second shot is of a trail that starts close to the lodge area.  It connects to several other trails.  Most of the trails go from 2 - 6 miles but one trail goes all the way to Blackwater Falls - about 12 miles.

I'll be honest... I don't know where this is . .  BUT it is somewhere in Canaan Valley.  This view might be from the White Grass XC Ski Area, north of the Park.

And the deer - Oh my, Canaan Valley is over run with deer.  You are GUARANTEED to see deer at this place.  They are so plentiful now that only the smaller ones are surviving.  Be on the lookout when driving - there are many, many deer accidents here.  In fact, Barb and I hit one a few years ago.  $1000+ damage to the car - it almost ruined our weekend.  It did ruin the deer's weekend.

And, finally, the cabins.  The state park has many 2BDR and 4 BDR Cabins.  This shot is of a 2BDR. 

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