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Skoki Lodge is a cabin over 7 miles from the closest road. In the winter, the only way in is by cross country skiing and/or snowshoeing. It's not a particularly long ski, but it is a gruelling one. To get there you need to cross 2 mountain passes - It's uphill all the way except the end.

Those staying there must pack in their clothes and personal items (and in my case, camera equipment) but Skoki provides the food. And the food is fantastic. It's rustic, there's no electricity and no running water. That means wood burning stoves, heated water from the stream across the way and ..... outhouses. But even without all the creature comforts, it's a beautiful place and a wonderful experience.

The first photograph was taken at night with available light from a near full moon (Exposure time ~ 5 minutes). The warm glow from inside is from candles and kerosene lanterns - remember, no electricity.

The second photo is an evening interior shot. (These may take awhile to load)

Skoki Lodge Interior

Photos John J. Stier

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