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Snow and Ice

As hard as it is to believe, summer is even prettier than winter. As vivid and pristine as the winter is, the summer is all that plus variety. There are flowers, greenery, aqua blue lakes, cascading streams, roaring rivers and waterfalls - a whole new world in the same place.

Jasper and Banff National Parks are in the Canadian Rockies. They are in the province of Alberta but hug the British Columbia border. Here are some shots of what they have to offer.

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More Canoe Photos

This shot is of Maligne Lake (pronounced "Ma Lean"), outside of the town of Jasper in Jasper National Park. Click here to see a few more canoe photos.

More Mountain And Water Photos
"Water and Mountains"
On the left, Athabasca Falls on the powerful Athabasca River. Click the photo to see enlarged versions of this and other water/mountain photos.

Click for More Lake Photos

"Beautiful Lakes"
Perhaps the most stunning part of Jasper and Banff is the Lakes. There is beautiful lake after beautiful lake. This photo is of Moraine Lake, click it to also see Ptarmigan Lake and Lake Louise.

Big Horn Sheep - Click For More Critters
Lots of creatures to observe too. Two legged as well as four. Look inside to see larger photos of Big Horn Sheep, some fledging swallows, a woman climber at Lake Louise and a mommy Ptarmigan.

Photos John J. Stier

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